Adults Helping Kids

Monday, May 13, 2019


Are you a parent? Or a grandparent? Or an uncle or aunt?   Even if none of the above, would you help a little girl on the other side of the world if you had the chance?

Marta is an 18 month old baby girl in Serbia. She has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Marta Maja Maksic is a baby girl, born in the small town of town Sabac , Serbia to parents Marijana and Milos Maksic February 5th, 2018. She was just 6 months old when diagnosed with brain cancer.

To date, she has had  5 surgeries and chemotherapy treatments and is waiting for the 6th one. Marta's mother is not working and her father's income is not enough to cover the cost of her medical care. They now have to sell their family home to pay for the ongoing medical treatment. Economic conditions in Serbia are not good and medical care is very expensive.

 I learned about Marta's plight when I dropped into the bakery of Rod and Daniela Gavric on Edmunds Road in Burnaby for a coffee while waiting for a nearby tire store to install my summer tires. Rod and Daniela met the Maksic family when they bought an adjacent property. Their granddaughter is the same age as Marta and when they heard she was very sick, they pledged to help. It came to my notice when I saw a poster of Marta on the wall in Daniela and Rod's store, The Rustic Bread Bakery.

Having two very healthy grandchildren ages 13 months and 4 months, my heart went out to this family, hence my decision to help. 

No Child  Should  Left Behind  should be the mantra of  the governments of all countries around the world. Every adult alive today was once a child but only few of them remember it. Children from birth through to late teen years are wholly dependent on adults to guide, teach, instruct and be an example.  This planet is the home to all of us humans; it is truly a global village with everyone who has attained adulthood assuming responsibility for the raising of the next generation. That, in a perfect world is what it should be.

Children require universal health care, education, nutritious food, clean water and caring adults around them. 

Marta and her parents.

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