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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introduction to the Greanwold Foundation

Greanwold’s philosophy on children is; it is possible to capture a glimpse into the future when we look into their faces. The environment in which children live is shaping this world's future generations. Adults today have to ask themselves the questions - is our environment nurturing children into become caring and productive citizens?

Are we really doing enough for the children, not just in our country but in all countries?
Are there better ways to provide support and assistance particularly for those children with mental and physical handicaps for whom there are no social safety nets ? The Greanwold Foundation is being developed with a plan to provide funding to children in need around the world, regardless of class, race, colour, religion or nationality. There are many definitions of special needs. In the "well off" countries of the western world such as Canada, the United States, England or Australia, a special needs child can be autistic, physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, be a victim of sexual abuse, to name just a few.

In the Latin American countries and most of the Third World countries, you can add the horrors of malnutrition, homelessness, sexual slavery and sweat shop laboring.

Many third world children are without parents due to warfare or having been abandoned for no other reason than the parent or parents had too many children to support. The destiny of all countries and all people on the planet Earth depend on the support, care and development of children. When we attend to the physical, intellectual, and moral growth of our children, we give them the skills, values, opportunities, and confidence necessary to succeed as adults, earners, parents, citizens, and leaders.

There are many children's foundations in the world today. Some focus on offsetting the misery of poverty and hunger. Some support education, medical needs, clothing and shelter. All are doing a small part to provide help and assistance to needy children. Sadly however, there are always more needy children than there are helping hands. There is every reason to believe that many of the needy children in the poorest countries will not live through childhood.

Greanwold wants to change that. Simple.

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