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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Absolutely Worst Example of Human Treatment of other Humans Unfolding in Yemen

85,000 Children in Yemen May Have Died of Starvation

The aid organization Save the Children said the number was a conservative estimate of those under age 5 who may have died.
Experts say Yemen has become the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and 14 million people could soon be on the brink of starvation,according to the United Nations.
“For every child killed by bombs and bullets, dozens are starving to death — and it’s entirely preventable,” Tamer Kirolos, Save the Children’s country director in Yemen, said in the statement. “Children who die in this way suffer immensely as their vital organ functions slow down and eventually stop.”

What can you do to help?  Contribute to any of the following organisations, write to you government, fund raise in your neighborhood for starters.

These are just a few of the many charities working towards better world for children and families. You can help today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Household cleaning products may contribute to kids' overweight by altering their gut microbiota

Commonly used household cleaners could be making children overweight by altering their gut microbiota, suggests a Canadian study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

The study analyzed the gut flora of 757 infants from the general population at age 3-4 months and weight at ages 1 and 3 years, looking at exposure to disinfectants, detergents and eco-friendly products used in the home.

Researchers from across Canada looked at data from the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) birth cohort on microbes in infant fecal matter. They used World Health Organization growth charts for body mass index (BMI) scores.
Associations with altered gut flora in babies 3-4 months old were strongest for frequent use of household disinfectants such as multisurface cleaners, which showed lower
levels of Haemophilus and Clostridium bacteria but higher levels of Lachnospiraceae. 

The researchers also observed an increase in Lachnospiraceae bacteria with more frequent cleaning with disinfectants. They did not find the same association with detergents or eco-friendly cleaners. Studies of piglets have found similar changes in the gut microbiome when exposed to aerosol disinfectants.

"We found that infants living in households with disinfectants being used at least weekly were twice as likely to have higher levels of the gut microbes Lachnospiraceae at age 3-4 months; when they were 3 years old, their body mass index was higher than children not exposed to heavy home use of disinfectants as an infant," said Anita Kozyrskyj, a University of Alberta pediatrics professor, and principal investigator on the SyMBIOTA project, an investigation into how alteration of the infant gut microbiome impacts health.


Saturday, August 25, 2018


This story is a must read if you care about fundamental humans rights and children.  

Kehkashan is a natural changemaker. Born in the United Arab Emirates on June 5, World Environment Day, she has always been passionate about protecting the planet. By 8 years old she was persuading those around her of the importance of environmental action. It was not just empty talk: Kehkashan soon put her words into action by planting trees and bringing together young people locally to collect and recycle waste.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Anyone who has followed the news has read or viewed the recent uncovered actions of the Catholic Church in Philadelphia where it is now revealed that over a period of 70 years, over 300 priests sexually molested and abused hundreds of children.

What evil is this? These so called "men of god" (I refuse to dignify the belief in a higher being by using a capital G)  are nothing but base, evil bastards as is the hierarchy of the church that sheltered them.  A question I have for the pope, the so-called representative of god on earth; do these priests, so called "men of the cloth" go to heaven after attending confession and admitting their sins? Do the church fathers and possibly church mothers who failed to report their filthy attacks on defenseless children also go to heaven? The various popes who have reigned over the despicable Catholic Church, are they in heaven?

What is wrong with the Catholic institution? No longer able to burn people on the stake for heresy or apostasy, no longer able to torture and brutalize innocent people for their beliefs, they now focus there attention on innocent children.

Well, a pox on the Catholic church and its evil representatives of some invisible person in the sky.  Though I do not believe in a heaven or a hell, I truly wish there to be some form of hell for these rotten, bestial humans for the lives they have ruined, for their evil actions against the innocent and trusting children placed in their hands. May the one's still alive today be convicted of their crimes and spend the rest of their miserable lives in the worst prisons the USA have to offer. 
The following is a quotes from the news reports: 

"The cover-up was sophisticated. All the while, shockingly, the church leadership kept records of the abuse and the cover-up. These documents, from the dioceses own Secret Archives formed the backbone of the police investigation."

Can you imagine? These sick religious swine actually kept records of their sick and degrading actions carried out against the most innocent of the innocent. 

The understatement of the century is: "This systematic abuse shows the church needs a major overhaul in how it policies itself"

No. The Catholic Church needs to disappear from the planet. Nothing the church stands for now is any way beneficial to any rational human being, adult or child, male or female. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

HEADLINE: Saudi Led Air Strikes Kill Dozens of Yemeni Children

This news heading was in our main newspaper for one day. No following story. No breakdown of the horrendous heartache suffered by the parents and the shear horror of the Suadi action. Substituent the word "Yemeni: for American or Canadian or British. What would the reaction be? Imagine the outrage, the condemnation, the retaliation. 

The problem is that Yemeni children "are over there". Who cares. Just one of those "middle east" countries where they have always been killing each other anyway. It's similar to the 100 girls kidnapped by the Boko Harum. News for a day. Ho hum. 

Is the lack of moral outrage due to these children not being white? I'm just asking the question. It seems more and more that white children matter; non-white skinned children don't. Maybe this is harsh, but there is a great deal of truth to it.

At some point, some courageous politician is going to come forward and push for a real international war crimes against children tribunal. Brutalizing children and killing children in front of children results in these children growing up to become brutalizing adults. When will the madness stop.

Please help.  CLICK HERE

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Frightened children are being held in tents and massive warehouses, in tight quarters - in extreme heat by day, and extreme cold at night. All after having to flee danger in their home countries. They must be put back in their mother`s arms.

Despite weeks of heartbreaking stories in the national news, parents and children are still being detained and treated like criminals by the U.S. Government.

The cruelty we’ve witnessed in the US must not stop people from speaking up for fair, just and legal treatment of refugees. The crass Executive Order announced yesterday by the U.S. administration allows for the indefinite imprisonment of families, and continues to be a violation of international law for people for seeking asylum.

Your emergency gift in response to this unfolding crisis in the USA, using our secure website or by phoning 1-800—AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789), will help Amnesty International to:
Maintain public pressure to ensure migrant families are no longer separated
Ensure reunification of up to 3,000 children separated by cruel U.S. policies
Pressure for the permanent closure of family detention centres in the U.S., also known as "baby jails"
Keep our researchers on the ground at the U.S. border and ensure the humane treatment of refugees
Campaign to counter the false, negative stories being used by the U.S. administration to justify the policy of family separation and detention.
Families seeking safety deserve our compassion.

Children — and even toddlers and infants — have been taken from their parents at the border and put into government-run shelters, often hundreds of miles away from their parents.

These children have already suffered severe mental anguish from fleeing violence in their countries. They have seen things no child should have to see. How much more cruel that they’ve now been separated from their parents in a country whose language they may not speak. This trauma has the potential to affect their development and cause untold damage.

Please make an emergency donation today to help Amnesty International take immediate action.

Amnesty International staff recently conducted a research mission along the U.S. southern border, and a preliminary report found that since 2017, the Department of Homeland Security is increasingly separating children by force from their parents or guardians when these families request asylum.

In the past 2 weeks more than 100,000 Canadians have said “I’ve had enough” and sent a message to the U.S. administration, expressing their dismay at the practice of separating children from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border.

But children are still being put in prison.  Under no law or standard of civility or humanity is that ever acceptable, and we can only reverse it by speaking up loudly and collectively.
I know you care deeply about human rights and want Amnesty International to speak up forcefully right now.

Please help us do so by making a donation to help us do what needs to be done.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Evil Perpetrated on Children and their Families

There is no greater evil than that perpetrated on the weak, the innocent and defenseless;  children, animals, the mentally ill and women in godforsaken places where they are treated no better than chattels and beasts of burden.

Those with power who impose on children, forced separation from their mothers and fathers, siblings and families must at some point be accounted for. I liken it to war crimes. The other members of the ape family treat their children better than many human apes. And to make matters worse, they justify their actions by claiming it to be ordained by some holy book comprised of superstitious nonsense, human dogma, human designed commandments and created to place in bondage and enslave massive members of the human race.

The hypocrisy and sheer ignorance of these people knows no bounds. All humans at some point in time have been refugees. We all come from somewhere. Every person living outside the Great Rift Valley is a refugee or an immigrant. 

To quote the now infamous line of the uber ignorant Peter Navarro in his wholly unjustified and downright stupid criticism of Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, "there should be a special place in hell for these people".  Unfortunately and contrary to the "holy" books, there is no hell. Even Pope Francis of the rapidly becoming irrelevant Catholic Church reportedly told an Italian journalist hell does not exist. 

Of course in today's world of borders, nationalism, terrorism, need for national security and protectionism, there has to be rules and regulation and a degree of security for established citizens of the various countries around the world. However, this regulation should not be to the detriment of the weak, innocent and defenseless. Shame on all the extreme right or left wing, power hungry, dollar chasing, divisive, narcissistic, misogynistic elite who pander to the whims of the ignorant, the superstitious, the fearful, the bigots and the racists of any religion, belief or creed who refuse to believe we are all descendant from the same common ancestor and we all have a duty as humans to protect the weak and defenseless, particularly children.

Let the children go!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Future of Planet Earth and Chidren

Are you a parent? Or a grandparent? Or an uncle or aunt? 

If none of the above, do you care about children and the future of children on this planet?  This planet has been through a great deal over the millenniums. Earthquakes, hurricanes, ice ages, droughts, rising and lowering oceans, tsunamis, meteor showers and more. The earth has survived through all manner of catastrophes and will continue to do so. The big questions is; will humans survive? 

Approximately 70,000 years ago, during the Toba catastrophe, scholars estimate the Homo sapiens population may have dropped to as low as between 1,000 and 10,000 individuals. Now there are over 7.0 billion of us. We are in some ways like a giant ant nest but unlike an ant nest we are not working together for the common good. And, the common good must include planning for the future and modifying our behaviour to ensure the survival of our species. The future for people is the children of today and the children yet to be born. The planet will probably be around for the next 5 billion years and will do just fine without humans. We humans cannot do without the planet. 

The planet earth is Plan A for us. There is no Plan B. Not yet and not in the near future. Some day maybe but we have to survive to reach that some day. 

Greanwold’s Green World for Families and Kids.

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Greanwold and Friends.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

We Were All Children Once

How we were treated as children influenced what we grew up to be as adults. Children treated with understanding and empathy became  adults with empathy and understanding. Children who were taught love and patience grew into adults with love and understanding. I think I am making my point.

Children bought up in brutal conditions grow into brutal adults as a general rule of thumb. What can be done to prevent children being forced to become child soldiers, children being traded and sold in human trafficking that exists in so many places around the world?  All this in an age when we are building a new space program, medical science is making amazing advances, more women around the globe are attaining more rights and education is becoming a staple in countries that not too long ago had few if any classrooms. 

How can you help children or a child in dire need. Use the Internet and Google a charitable organisation near you. You can help either locally or globally through an organisation such as the ones you see on this link.

Do your due diligence though. There are many scams out there and there are many charities that have very heavy admin charges with simply not enough funds from contributors getting through to the children that need them. By estimates, there are 45.8 million people are enslaved across the world. Global Slavery Index 2016 key findings: Total number of people enslaved globally: 45.8 million people. Enhanced methodology reveals that 10 million more people are enslaved than previously estimated – a 28% increase. Many many, of them are children.

How comfortable are you in your current life? Comfortable?  Maybe its time to forgo that planned cruise or the 2 months "in the desert" and channel that money to children who have been bought into this world and know nothing but suffering.

Just suggesting.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Great News for the Future of the Oceans for our Children

Plastic-eating enzyme accidentally created by scientists could help solve pollution crisis

Scientists have created a substance capable of “eating” plastic that could help tackle the world’s pollution problem.

The substance is based on an enzyme – a “biological catalyst” – first produced by bacteria living in a Japanese recycling centre that researchers suggested had evolved it in order to eat plastic.

Dubbed PETase for its ability to break down the PET plastic used to make drinks bottles, the enzyme accelerated a degradation process that would normally take hundreds of years.

Decline in plastic bags on seabed shows tackling waste is working
Fine-tuning this naturally produced enzyme allowed a research team to produce something capable of digesting plastic more effectively than anything found in nature.

By breaking down plastic into manageable chunks, the scientists suggest their new substances could help recycle millions of tonnes of plastic bottles.

Plastic is notoriously resistant to natural degradation, and the discovery of the Japanese plastic-eating bacteria in 2016 was heralded by experts and commentators alike as a potential natural solution to plastic pollution.

While attempting to verify these claims, University of Portsmouth biologist Professor John McGeehan and his colleagues accidentally created a super-powered version of the plastic-eating enzyme.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Not looking forward to the 2018 statistics in regard to the planet's resources being used to sustain greedy industrialists, megalomaniac dictators and country leaders and ignorant and head-in-the-sand ignoramuses. 

This news is from 2017.

The day by which the human race has used up more natural resources than can be replenished in a year—known as Earth Overshoot Day —has been getting earlier for some time. But in 2017, it’s come earlier than ever before.
As of August 2, human beings have used up its allowance of resources such as water, clean air, and soil for 2017, according to environmental groups the Global Footprint Network and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). And there’s still five months to go in the year. Great job guys.
Current thoughts are we will be using 125% of the earth's resources in 2018. Even a child knows this is NOT sustainable.