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Saturday, April 21, 2018

We Were All Children Once

How we were treated as children influenced what we grew up to be as adults. Children treated with understanding and empathy became  adults with empathy and understanding. Children who were taught love and patience grew into adults with love and understanding. I think I am making my point.

Children bought up in brutal conditions grow into brutal adults as a general rule of thumb. What can be done to prevent children being forced to become child soldiers, children being traded and sold in human trafficking that exists in so many places around the world?  All this in an age when we are building a new space program, medical science is making amazing advances, more women around the globe are attaining more rights and education is becoming a staple in countries that not too long ago had few if any classrooms. 

How can you help children or a child in dire need. Use the Internet and Google a charitable organisation near you. You can help either locally or globally through an organisation such as the ones you see on this link.

Do your due diligence though. There are many scams out there and there are many charities that have very heavy admin charges with simply not enough funds from contributors getting through to the children that need them. By estimates, there are 45.8 million people are enslaved across the world. Global Slavery Index 2016 key findings: Total number of people enslaved globally: 45.8 million people. Enhanced methodology reveals that 10 million more people are enslaved than previously estimated – a 28% increase. Many many, of them are children.

How comfortable are you in your current life? Comfortable?  Maybe its time to forgo that planned cruise or the 2 months "in the desert" and channel that money to children who have been bought into this world and know nothing but suffering.

Just suggesting.

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