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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Not looking forward to the 2018 statistics in regard to the planet's resources being used to sustain greedy industrialists, megalomaniac dictators and country leaders and ignorant and head-in-the-sand ignoramuses. 

This news is from 2017.

The day by which the human race has used up more natural resources than can be replenished in a year—known as Earth Overshoot Day —has been getting earlier for some time. But in 2017, it’s come earlier than ever before.
As of August 2, human beings have used up its allowance of resources such as water, clean air, and soil for 2017, according to environmental groups the Global Footprint Network and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). And there’s still five months to go in the year. Great job guys.
Current thoughts are we will be using 125% of the earth's resources in 2018. Even a child knows this is NOT sustainable.

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