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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kids Need Help

The whole purpose behind Greanwold's World is to create a money machine that provides a steady income stream to the Greanwold Foundation for Kids Worldwide where this money will be dispensed to such needy children as the Board Of Directors determines.

Yes. There are many children's charities around the world. Unfortunately there are more kids in abject poverty, slavery and misery than these charities can provide for, hence the Greanwold foundation.

My goal is to have Greanwold generate billions of dollars. This in turn will relieve thousands of children from daily misery. Does this sound grandiose? Yes. But you always have to aim high. Without children, where will this world be? Every child, regardless of color, religion, social standing and nationality has the right to life and has the right to freedom.

Thank you

Michael Trigg

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