Adults Helping Kids

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Since the good weather has been upon us, I have take the opportunity to walk the sea walk in West Vancouver on a daily basis. I am amazed at the number of parents with small children in the park and on the beaches who pay more attention to their smart phones than they do to their children.

As an example, yesterday there was  a mother and a father sitting on a log at the beach, both twiddling on their phones while their 3 children ranging in age from around to 3 to to 8, played by themselves, the older one wandering quite a distance from the oblivious mom and dad.

Is this a form of child neglect? In my opinion yes! When has having constant connection to our mobile devices become more important than quality time with our children? The very young children  need care and attention in public places where the danger or predators is highest and in particular at beaches and parks where children can be hit by high flying swings, fall off logs or wander into the sea. On this day, there were high waves crashing on the shore, a real danger for young kids.

To this mom and dad, give your head a shake. Take care of your children, enjoy them at this young age. Lock your smart phone in the car. Nothing is as important as those children. No text messages, no missed calls, no football or basketball game on your mobile device is that important.

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