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Thursday, January 17, 2019


I am really tired of hearing news reports and interviews on "saving the planet". It's not the planet that has to be saved. It is saving humanity from itself. The planet will continue to "survive", long after humans have wiped themselves out. There is another 5 billion years ahead of this planet before it is consumed by a dying star, the sun. 

We humans are a squabbling, quarrelsome bunch, many who are religious fundamentalists of some religion or belief who for the most part have undying faith in some invisible man who lives in the sky  swooping down one day to save all those who believe. I should mention at this point there are now an estimated 4,400 religions existing in the world today and god knows how many sub-sects. Does this mean there are 4,400 gods?

The big bugaboo today is plastic! It is not a "fake" scare such as Y2K. It is stifling this planet and being consumed by the very  sea-life and land animals we consume. Ergo, humans are consuming plastic in ever increasing amounts. The Great Lakes are now fully polluted with micro plastic balls. There is 18 BILLION pounds of plastic thrown into the oceans each year.  Glaciers all over the world are retreating with a dire recent warning that Canadian glaciers will have disappeared in another 50 years. Rising oceans?  Watch out all you people who live near coastlines.

So, saving the planet!  The earth has been here for an estimated 4 billion years. Homo sapiens have been around for about 200,000 years. Neanderthals, who died out around 35,000 years ago where around for about 350,000 years. What are the chances of our species lasting that long? As long as we have wars, religious conflict, greed, power struggles, unchecked pollution and destruction of our forests and oceans. NOT THAT DAMN LONG!

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